Dzongkhag Ambassadors

Name: BTO HQ

Dzongkhag: Thimphu


Phone no.: 17605030

Name: Karma

Dzongkhag: Trashigang


Phone no.: 17758115

Name: Nima Zangmo

Dzongkhag: Pema Gatshel


Phone no.: 17640892

Name: Karma Tenzin

Dzongkhag: Mongar


Phone no.: 17478080

Name: Sangay Dorji

Dzongkhag: Punakha


Phone no.: 17711947

Name: Norbu

Dzongkhag: Wangdue Phodrang

Name: Phub Dorji

Dzongkhag: Tsirang


Phone no.: 17669068

Name: Pemba T Gyeltshen

Dzongkhag: Trongsa


Phone no.: 17589589

Name: Kinley Gyeltshen

Dzongkhag: Trashi Yangtse


Phone no.: 17694048

Name: Chencho Tshering

Dzongkhag: Samtse


Phone no.: 17614066

Name: Pema Choden

Dzongkhag: Gelephu


Phone no.: 17625428

Name: Dawa

Dzongkhag: Sarpang


Phone no.: 17384985

Name: Sangay Khandu

Dzongkhag: Samdrup Jongkhar


Phone no.: 17937707

Name: Kunga Chophel

Dzongkhag: Paro


Phone no.: 77213507

Name: Kuenga Tenzin

Dzongkhag: Haa


Phone no.: 17681946

Name: Sangay Wangchuk

Dzongkhag: Dagana


Phone no.: 17474918

Name: Jamyang Seldon

Dzongkhag: Phuntsholing


Phone no.: 17417472

Name: Chencho Tshering

Dzongkhag: Chhukha


Phone no.: 17456660

Name: Sancha Bdr Rai

Dzongkhag: Zhemgang


Phone no.: 17856242

Name: Dawa Gyeltshen

Dzongkhag: Lhuentsi


Phone no.: 17121226

Name: Sonam Drukpa

Dzongkhag: Gasa


Phone no.: 17749091

Name: Vacant

Dzongkhag: Bumthang

Name: Thinley Rabgay

Dzongkhag: Laya

Phone no.: 17892123

ToR for BTO Ambassadors

  • Represent BTO at Dzongkhag level meetings, conferences, workshops and any Other related programs requiring BTO’s involvement.
  • Recruit at least 20 volunteers and conduct orientation sessions with prospective Volunteers and lead the implementation of BTO programs and promotes goodwill in the Dzongkhag.
  • Work closely with the Dzongkhag administration, municipality and Dzongkhag Health office to assess plans, implement and manage toilet programs.
  • Identify events, prepare toilet facilities and manage them with a team of Volunteers in partnership with event organizers.
  • Construct small toilets for the underprivileged individuals and critical public Places in partnership with BTO and the concerned authorities and private Stakeholders.
  • Support the volunteer team to identify and carry out fundraising activities and Seek sponsorship to fund voluntary programs.
  • Work closely with the volunteer team to strengthen and cultivate where Necessary, relationships with the community, the public and the private sector.
  • Lead voluntary clean up and advocacy programs in institutions with the help of Local volunteers and stakeholders.
  • Prepare and maintain a volunteer database (names, contact information, academic background, professional background, skills, etc.) and acknowledge them suitably.
  • Submit detailed reports with photographic documentation after every event and submit an annual report consisting of summary of all the activities to BTO at the end of the year.