Upon the approval of the board, “Toilet Enterprise- A Social Enterprise was formed as a separate entity from Bhutan Toilet Organization in 2021. It was established as a revenue stream for the Bhutan Toilet Organization. The main mandates of the entity are to contribute to covering BTO administrative expenses and maintaining the sustainability of BTO. 

The entity generates income through the sale of Sato products and the rental of portable toilets. The following are the Products of the Toilet Enterprise. 

  1. SATO 130 
  2. Urine Bottle 
  3. Bed Pan 
  4. SATP Single Connection 
  5. Twin Pit connection 
  6. SATO 451 
  7. Safety Frame 
  8. SATO 110 
  9. Commode Chair 
  10. Bedside Toilet 
  11. Portable toilets 
  12. Portable Urinal

Portable Toilet Services

Baby Potty

SATO 204

Bedside Toilet I

Bedside Toilet II

SATO Pan 130

Boys Urinal (kids)