Toilet Angels

“For the lasting impacts in the community we serve”

Bhutan Toilet Organisation has influenced a paradigm shift in our thought and conduct regarding the management of toiletfacilities. This includes a transition from no priority issue to implementing a sanitation policy, hidden toilet to more visible and accessible toilet, and hygienic use of water instead of sticks and stones. The mission is not yet complete; rather, the forthcoming task necessitates the concerted effort and collective momentum in order to effect greater change.Therefore, Toilet Angel initiative is initiated with the aims to foster a sense of community, and engage individuals in our mission to create clean, safe and accessible public toilet for all. Most importantly, Toilet Angels are the vibrant community of individuals committed to fortify our collective resolve to revolutionise sanitation in Bhutan by establishing toilet standards of international calibre as nation lays the grand transformative strategy for prosperity led His Majesty’s vision and leadership. We invite you to join us and support BTO with any amount of monthly contribution which will be duly acknowledged annually with money receipt.



We have three main objectives for initiating Toilet Angel community;

Community Engagement

Foster a community of dedicated supporters who share a commitment to improved sanitation in Bhutan

Project Expansion

Enable BTO to extend its reach and impact by implementing new and innovative programs to address sanitation challenges.

Financial Sustainability

Generate a steady and predictable income stream to fund BTO’s ongoing and future projects, ensuring long-term viability.

Toilet Angel – Membership fee and benefits

Membership FeeBenefits
Minimum membership fee is Nu. 100/month.

•  Membership certification and recognitions.

•  Invitations to webinars and events.

•  Personalized updates from BTO leadership.

•  Money receipt for Tax exemption on PIT.

•  10 Percent discount for all products from Toilet Solution and Joylet Service.

•  Internship opportunities

•  Regular project updates and impact reports.

•  Exclusive newsletters and behind-the-scenes content.

Through this initiative, we aim to strive for a clean, safe, sustainable sanitation solutions for all and make a lasting impact on the lives of the communities we serve.

You register as Toilet Angel by this link; Or You can also download the Toilet Angel registration form and email us at

You can scan the QR code or use this link to join the Toilet Angels virtual group or forum.