BTO’s Bedside Toilet borrowing program is aimed at easing the toilet trouble for people who are bedridden or have difficulty moving due to illness, disability or old age. Considering the difficulties face on daily basis, BTO have come up with this program to introduce and lend our beside toilets to enable them to manage their toilet troubles independently.


  • A family member, herein after referred to ask the borrower, has learnt how to safely manage the toilet set from the BTO expert before signing the agreement. And BTO shall not be liable for any injuries or loss of life resulting from the use or possession of our toilet.
  • The borrower acknowledges that it has the custody of the toilet set and accepts responsibility for the toilet set and its part and agrees to return same to BTO in as good condition as received, excluding reasonable wear and tear.
  • The borrower agrees to return the toilet set three months from the day of signing this agreement, or renew the agreement if the toilet is required further.
  • The borrower shall pay a minimal usage fee of Nu 10/- per day.
  • Security deposit of Nu. 900 will be retained with office, which will be refundable after deducting the usage fee, upon the return of the toilet set to the office.

Request form for Bedside Toilet

Use the following form to make a request, we shall respond as and when we have a bedside toilet.