The bedside toilet is a small sturdy portable toilet with a very simple system that is very convenient and easy to operate. It has a fresh water tank connected with flushing system, and a manual valve helps in letting wastewater flow down into the tank and stop the back flow of smell. it can be used for over a week by a single user; the user can empty the waste and refill the fresh water.


There are hundreds of people living difficult lives on the daily basis because of their inability to move around easily, due to disability, illness, or old age. The number is only increasing.

with family support, most are living bearable lives until it comes to their toilet time. Their troubles in independently walking to toilet result in awkward and often humiliating routine; having to carry them to toilet, cleaning their clothes, having to use diaper, or cleaning the floor and family members having to deal with their filth each day. Everyday is a pain for the families and worse for themselves.


If they can’t walk to the toilet, then we must take toilet to them. with bedside toilet, we can enable them to independently manage their toilet troubles and empower them to deal with their setback with confidence, dignity, and personal hygiene.

We will lend bedside toilets to beneficiaries after training them and their caregivers on how to use them. we collect a minimal fee of Nu.20 per day to sustain and enhance the program.

The toilet will be returned if the beneficiary could find an alternative or if it’s no more required. In case, a beneficiary could afford to pay for the toilet then we shall accept full payment to buy a replacement.


  • A family member, herein after referred to ask the borrower, has learnt how to safely manage the toilet set from the BTO expert before signing the agreement. And BTO shall not be liable for any injuries or loss of life resulting from the use or possession of our toilet.
  • The borrower acknowledges that it has the custody of the toilet set and accepts responsibility for the toilet set and its part and agrees to return same to BTO in as good condition as received, excluding reasonable wear and tear.
  • The borrower agrees to return the toilet set three months from the day of signing this agreement, or renew the agreement if the toilet is required further.
  • The borrower shall pay a minimal usage fee of Nu 10/- per day.
  • Security deposit of Nu. 900 will be retained with office, which will be refundable after deducting the usage fee, upon the return of the toilet set to the office.

Request form for Bedside Toilet

Use the following form to make a request, we shall respond as and when we have a bedside toilet.