Haa Shows an Example

Philanthropist Tshering Tobgay, the owner of Metta Resort & Spa, Paro, Bhutan donated 24 units of bedside toilets for healthcare centers in Haa, his home Dzongkhag.

Based on a survey by SNV, which pointed out that most of the healthcare centers don’t have accessible toilets for senior citizens, pregnant women, and persons with disabilities (PwD).

When we shared this issue with Tshering Tobgay during a workshop in his hotel, he asked if we had a solution in mind. We said we have an instant solution to give the government time to plan long term solutions.

We showed him the portable bedside toilets. He offered to help equip every healthcare center in Haa with three units each.

Today, in the presence of DT Thrizin, Gups and District Health Officials we handed over 24 units of bedside toilets for the 8 healthcare centers in Haa.

Mr. Tshering Tobgay came all the way from Paro to join us at the humble event. He said, we should not just limit it within the hospital premises. It could be hired like wheelchairs and crutches by the needy patients. He offered to donate more. This is just one among the many acts of unconditional kindness he has undertaken in Haa and beyond.

May we find more people like him whose richness runs deep into their hearts.

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