No more pit latrines at Chelela. It’s SATO flush toilet. The barrel here is to store water. While it’s difficult to fetch water, SATO pan is so water efficient that one barrel (200L) of water can serve 400 rounds of flushing.

After the toilet sunk into its own pit last time, we dug a new pit nearby and moved the toilet to a new location. Unlike the earlier pits, we built a stone wall along the inner walls of the pit to prevent similar damage. Further, we upgraded it to a pour-flush toilet using the SATO pan.

Now the toilet is going to be free of smell and insects, but it’s going to be a big challenge to supply water for the toilet, even though the toilets are very water-efficient, requiring on half a liter to flush.

The two mobile tower in-charges based at Chelela volunteered to help Ap Phub Dolay in refilling the barrel outside the toilet and to explore possibilities of harvesting rainwater. A barrel is placed outside the toilet to serve as a reservoir.

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