Commode Chair

Following numerous calls asking us about the chair-toilet, which is sold at Kuenphen Medical, we decided to get some pieces of it and retail from our office.

This will save the hassle of sending people over to their shop. It can be used as potty next to the bed with the bucket or place it over Indian toilet (without bucket) to convert it to European toilet.

It’s sold at Nu.2250. You could get it from us or Kuenphen medical whichever is closer to you.

BK Toilet Safety Frame

Just like a soft bed for your aging parents to sleep on, they need a comfortable and safe toilet to make life tolerable at the peak of their age, when their joints pain and muscles are weak. The same can change the lives of people with disabilities. Making an accessible toilet has never been easier. This grab-bars are easy to fit over existing European toilet pots.

It’s a product introduced by Kuenphen Medical, and we are only making it known to you through our platform and by making it available in our office through goodwill.

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