Managing toilet facilities during the public events was one of the first initiatives we took since 2016. initially we went to events with our volunteers and helped clean the existing toilets at the event venues.

It was from these experiences that we learned the general lack of adequate toilet facilities for the masses.

We then began innovating different methods of building temporary toilets during the events, to supplement the existing toilet facilities at the venues. we discovered a revolutionary idea to use sawdust in conventional pit latrines tp conceal foul smell, then used the same idea with an enhanced form of pi latrines called trench toilets, where instead of pit we dig a trench to accommodate multiple toilets.

By 2017, we received SATO pan and found yet another innovative way to build effective temporary toilet fort he masses.

Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) provided a generous support of Nu. 1.4 million annually to help us provide our services at all major tourism events. The support has helped us reached out to ver 27 event in 2017 with some 1410 volunteers, snd over 37 events in 2018 mobilizing 2630 volunteers. TCB support was withdrawn in 2019 but despite that we reached 29 events.

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