Ahead of Royal Highland Festival we are upgrading all the pit latrines in Laya, 3800 m above sea level, to fresh SATO toilets, to ensure that everyone taking part in the festival gets to use good toilets at their farm houses.

People in Laya do have toilets but they are all traditional pit latrines that smell real bad. They couldn’t install regular toilet because challenges of transporting heavy ceramic pots. Light weight #SATOpan from LIXIL Group therefore came like a blessing to the people of Laya who are two days walking distance away from the road head.

Our Ambassador in Laya, Mr. Thinley Rabgay managed to convince 70 households to upgrade their pit latrines. We sent them SATO pans via Gasa Dzongkhag office. His team consisting of his colleagues and students of Laya Central School trained the people and gave all the technical support to make it happen.

PHED, MoH will conduct separate training with the people to drive behavioural change following the change in infrastructure at a later date.

Thinley Rabgay and his team will also be providing event toilet service at the festival ground. He is our hero on the mountains. If you meet him shake his hands and say, ‘Good Job’

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