The two units toilet at Wangsisina is one among many programs BOB undertook as part of their Golden Jubilee Celebration. For the leading bank in the country to invest in public toilet as part of their celebration was historic in itself. Thank you.

The facility is inaugurated and handed over to the five vegetable vendors operating in the area, who will take turns to run the facility hereon. 

The CEO of BOB Dorji Kadin personally graced the event today, which is symbolic of his humility and the amount of importance he places on the public toilet facility. A big thank you for that gesture alone. 

The two unit toilet that was due to complete in August 2018 took us by surprise; we were never prepared for the various obstructions that we had to face. It taught us many critical lessons, which we hope will be of great help in our future projects.

We are happy that we could finally open the facility as BOB is preparing to close the Golden Jubilee celebration this month. Thank you Passang Norbu for putting up with all our shortcomings and encouraging us in achieving the goal.

From today, you may stop at Wangsisina to take toilet break and buy organic local products.

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