Hobbit Toilet in Haa is something to see during the Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition but looks like we will have to wait.

The beautiful piece of art was built by the Dzongkhag Health team led by DHO Samten Wangyel in their bigger project, Herbal Garden (Menlha Park) . It has two units both of which are concealed in the earth except for the door. It uses SATO pan.

It is one of the three permanent toilet structures built in Haa as a legacy of the #RBFE6

The idea of building a hobbit toilet was pushed by Agriculture Secretary, Dasho Rinzin Dorji (Haap Rinzee) since 2018. He said for a hilly country like Bhutan the hobbit toilet is the best solution for highway toilets.

We could finally built one. This should inspire many more.

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