The moment we end our training and distribute SATO pan, their work begins.
Drukgyel LSS had the privilege of being the host school with 21 units of their old aqua-privy toilets upgraded as part of the training itself.
Participants who are school health coordinators and caretakers expressed maximum satisfaction for having physically undergone the training and produced impressive results.

14 schools in Paro have reported that they have 158 toilets that need upgradation. We are hopeful that this will be completed within next 14 days.

The project is a collaboration with Ministry of Education and Unicef Bhutan with the target to upgrade school toilets in all 20 Dzongkhags by 2020.

The SATO technology is supported by 株式会社LIXIL(リクシル) through JCI APDC

We are thankful to Paro District Education office (Tshochu Dorji) for the coordination and host school for all the preparation. Even rain couldn’t stop us.

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