Day 1: Dig a pit and build a wall along the mouth of the pit.

Day 2: Cast a slab over the pit and install SATO pans.

Day 3: Build the skeletal frame of the toilet and put the roof over the toilet.

Day 4: Installed panels; board on along the top and cement along the bottom. Polish the woodworks and give finishing touch on the flooring.

Day 5: Plumbing works and Drainage and landscaping. It was a dream team we had in Haa these 5 days.

The Support staff of Haa Dzongkhag administration captained by Ata Kanjur and chaired by Dzongrub Phurba Wangdue built this magnificent toilet complex in the archery ground in 5 days. It could have easily taken a month for any contractor. We are looking forward to working with the same team again.

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