To preserve the pristine mountains of Nubtshonapata from getting polluted by human waste from increasing number of visitors, the management of Jigme Khesar Strict Nature Reserve (JKSNR), DoFPS asked us to design a suitable toilet for the popular pilgrimage site.

We designed four units, two for Tsang camp(first night halt) and other two for Tshona camp at the lake. We handed over the toilets to the park in Haa from where the park rangers have to take to the two camps.

Since the pieces and parts are long, it can’t be carried on horseback, thus the park rangers are carrying the toilets on their back. Imagine carrying such heavy loads on the journey where some of us dread to even hike with a water bottle.

The team has made it to Tsang camp and completed the two toilets there. It felt like a successful launch of a satellite.

They are advancing toward Tshona from there with two toilets, which we shall update. We wish the team a save journey. May the merit of putting toilets in such difficult places bring them good health and fortune.

We hope the people who use them will take care of the toilets, knowing how difficult it was to get them there and how difficult it would be for anyone to reach there to repair. Everyone must be responsible for its upkeep.

Big shout out to the brave and strong Park Rangers of JKSNR, Haa.

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