• The new portable toilets will replace the temporary prototype toilets built for public events. The facility will not only help in saving resources put into constructing self built prototype portable toilets but also in efficient use of water.



  • Many venues that have traditional toilets may not have enough toilets to accommodate crowds that may be present for a large event. Portable toilets fill in the gap and ensure that the traffic at traditional toilets is not overwhelming during a large event.
  • Portable toilets are convenient at construction sites, crowds at outdoor events and people who are dealing with the aftermath of a natural disasters. Portable toilets can even be designed in a way that makes them accessible for people who have mobility disability. Indeed, portable toilets can be designed with ramps or just placed on a flat surface to make them wheelchair accessible. In all of these instances, portable toilets provide a needed convenience to people and even business need.
  • A portable toilet can be transported and placed in an array of places. A flat surface is all that is needed. Once there is no longer a need for a portable toilet they can be removed from a location and stored until needed again.


  1. Borrower shall pay all applicable fees and charges within one week after returning toilet to BTO.
  2. Borrower shall bear the cost of repair to any damage occurred during the use or transportation of the equipment.
  3. Cancellation should be notified promptly and before the event.
  4. Borrower must bear the cost of transportation unless the transportation is arranged by the concern agency/organization.
  5. Nu 1800/- will be charged additionally as sewer management fee.
  6. For hiring out of Thimphu the borrower shall bear the cost of one BTO staff (Nu.1000 per day).

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