We are honoured to share the news of the landmark signing of MoU with Ministry of Education today. The Secretary and the Director General of the ministry shared their profound faith in the ‘School Toilet Upgradation Project’, which they have seen practically and personally in the schools in Samtse, Chhukha and Punakha.

“The signing of the MoU strengthens the commitment and motivation of all stakeholders engaged in changing the Sanitation and Hygiene situation of our School Children. It also enables everyone to become a part of the Solution and embraces the need for all stakeholders to contribute to being a part of the solution to address the identified challenges.

The MoU brings together the UNICEF Bhutan as our development partner, the Ministry of Education as the regulatory body and BTO as a local CSO to drive the change. The perseverance of all agencies involved will help achieve 100% adequate sanitation and hygiene practices across schools.”- Sherig Bhutan

We would like to honour the passion and commitment of Deki Tsheringand Desang Dorji of MoE, Sonam Gyaltshen of UNICEF Bhutan and 小川沙良 of JCI APDC for their unfailing support and personal involvement in this project.

Not to forget the real hero in the project, we would like to thank SATO pan, the magical technology that has made it all possible. It was donated by 株式会社LIXIL(リクシル) (Lixil)

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