These are household septic tanks designed in Japan for Bhutanese homes. To be precise they are individual household treatment plants, where the waste water from the homes will be treated and clean water will be sent out. That’s the concept of septic tank in developed countries. We have received 6 tanks as donation from our Japanese friends, which are to be piloted in different locations (School, hotel, public toilet, and household).

If the pilot project is successful then houses and institution outside the city sewer system could adopt it and ensure that we have zero sewer leakage into the water bodies. If found feasible the other Dzongkhags without central sewer systems could adopt this idea, where households literally “deal with their own shit” rather then passing it to government to deal with. We are waiting for good time for the pilot project. #Septictank#Household#wastewatertreatment#sewersystem#innovation#technology#toilet#Bhutan

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