We would like to specifically call it a “Site Toilet”, which means a toilet for the workers on construction sites. Because they deserve one.

We are so proud to be associated with a highly motivated team from CDCL who are currently building pavement along Lungtenzampa-Simtokha highway for making a working prototype of “Site Toilet” on their site. The toilet can move with them as they progress.

The team leader, Gem Tshering got in touch with us and took our technical advice to design a site toilet. We contributed SATO pan to make a perfectly safe and welcoming toilet for his team.

He, as a young team leader, wants to make the work site conducive for youth to work with pride and dignity. The result of such leadership is visible in the outstanding workmanship on the ground. Some 80 youths are engaged in this project, and we hope to provide them a few more site toilets.

The same concept can be adopted by all construction sites and even rural homes. We are ready to share details of the material requirement and cost.Construction Development Corporation Limited

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