Project Funded by: EU Helvetas

Funding Amount: Nu. 2,285,000.00

Timeline: 18 months

Bhutan Toilet Organization despite being a young and understaffed organization, has been able to execute hundreds of activities across 20 dzongkhags and made significant impact on sanitation condition within a short span of time because of our volunteer network.

Our network is formed by 20 Dzongkhag ambassadors, 2 Dungkhag ambassadors and 8 college ambassadors. Each of these ambassadors has 10-40 members volunteering for toilet cleaning campaigns, toilet managements during events, creating awareness on sanitation and hygiene, and facilitating underprivileged families to build toilets.

The network was built using social media,
and thus far, all communications were done through social media or phone. We neverhad an opportunity to meet face to face to share experiences, knowledge, skills, and learn together.

The capacity and team building to strengthening our network, form partnerships, design and develop our strategy has been shelved due to lack of resources and other challenges.

We do not have coordinated and uniform activities across our network of volunteers. This has led to huge disparity in number
and quality of initiatives taken by different Dzongkhags and clubs.

Therefore, we availed the CSO Grant facility to build the capacity of our volunteers and club members, strengthen the Network by establishing formal relation with all relevant stakeholders and partners for effective collaboration.

It is also to design and develop strategies to implement activities more effectively and uniformly. And develop reporting mechanism and data collection tools to measure outputs, outcomes and impact.

The evidence based reporting would then be used for higher level advocacy to influence policies and strategies of the government and public intuitions. The network would also be used to share best practices
to enhance overall efficiency of the activities and create mass awareness on sanitation and hygiene.

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