ADEO Chencho Tshering, who came all the way to plan for the public toilet and hand wash facilities during Samtse Melam Chenmo.
We planned to set up 18 units of SATO toilet for female, 12 units+ 8 urinals for male and install 5 handwashing barrels. On top of that we are going to implement reuse of shampoo bottles as soap dispensers and reuse jerrycan as jugket (Jug and Bucket together).

What we are most proud about Samtse Dzongkhag and Mr. Chencho was, unlike others who only worry about VIP toilets, they proposed for public facility as priority. And they came all the way to Thimphu to discuss and take the resources back with them after acquiring adequate knowledge on the technologies.

We are open to helping all Dzongkhags who follow the example of Samtse Dzongkhag.

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