“We would keep the toilets clean if only we have enough time to carry out the cleaning. We have to sweep, mop, vacuum, make tea, open gates, do gardening, buy doma… there is hardly any time to focus on the toilet.

“In the end, we get scolded for unflushed toilets and doma spit in the washbasin, which is often done by educated staff.” -A brief summary of the complaints of the cleaners.

The two-day training focused on two major aspects; Skill and Attitude. We showed them how professionals do their job, and then we let them know how important their job is, and why they should be proud -Despite the low salary.

Since the training, we have been receiving pictures of improved office toilets from our 41 participants. It was the 3rd batch. They were from 9 Ministries and their departments. #Toilet#Toiletcleaner#Toiletmanagement#toilettraining#Skill#attitude

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