So many people pass through Sorchen everyday, but only one person ever complaint about the lack of toilet facility at the transhipment point. That’s the owner of Universal Genuine Parts Mr Thinley D Dendup.

After complaining, he realised he must do more than complaining. He called us and asked if we could help him built two toilets for the site.

Together we also worked on the drawing and within two weeks we sourced the materials and built the toilets.

Today, we drove down to the facility and assembled the toilets at Sorchen. It took two hours or so. Mr Thinley, who sponsored the toilets, took part in the whole process with utmost passion. He only refused to inaugurate it🤣

May all the joy of finding a good toilet here go as blessing to Mr Thinley and his business.Pictures by Tashi Namgay Kidney

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