It is observed that the booming construction industry employs thousands of labourers who are subjected to substandard toilet facilities or suffer the lack of toilets at the site.

While it is mandated by the international labour laws and also covered under our national standards to give adequate sanitation facility to their workers, it’s generally violated without a stronger enforcing agency.

As a CSO, we don’t have the legal authority to enforce this requirement but because it’s a critical factor affecting the health and livelihood of the workers, we took it onto ourselves to approach the issue differently, so that the construction owners and contractors take ownership of the problem and play active role in addressing it.

Based on international calculations, we worked out how a lack of toilet could reduce the efficiency of the workforce that will directly spell loss for the company. We designed a poster showing the impact of lack of toilet
on the workers and therefore the impact on the productivity of the business.

Without a clean toilet on site, a company could lose up to Nu.300 a week per worker. The poster also shows the global figures to substantiate the claim. The poster was taken to every possible construction related events, including the Construction Fair and is also widely shared on social media.

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