Three years ago, on Her Majesty the Queen Jetsun Pema ‘s birthday, we began School Toilet Project, which became a big success covering 2800 toilets in 19 dzongkhags. Yet again today, we began Roadside Amenities(RSA) managers’ training to bring professionalism to Toilet management.

It’s in collaboration with the Tourism Council of Bhutan to build the capacity of all the RSA and other restroom managers that are of importance to tourism, both local and international. This is an essential step toward realising Bhutan as an exclusive destination in a true sense of the word.

One of Bhutan’s best known entrepreneurs, Karma Yonten spoke to the RSA managers on the importance of having the right mindset and attitude when managing toilets or waste, the jobs that are not considered attractive. He helped them understand the importance of waste management and how each facility must have at least two bins to segregate dry and wet waste.

Ugyen of Ugyen Phuntsho Sewage Services also spoke to them on taking the road not taken and making all the difference. His struggle with our society’s mindset towards toilet and sewer works is something for our participants to learn from.

Tshewang and Dorji gave the participants the basic skills needed in plumbing, electrical, and masonry works to enable them to carry out timely maintenance.

Toilet managers need the right #skills and #tools to maintain the facilities adequately. It’s the daily cleaning process and timely maintenance of minor issues that makes all the difference.

The RSA managers training supported by the Tourism Council of Bhutan has given them both the skills and tools, plus the right attitude toward the job.

We look forward to better toilet facilities in their places.

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