RAPA Boys Hostel is said to be over half a century old and so are the two-unit toilets. The trainee boys have tried everything to make the toilets tolerable but without a major renovation, not much could be done.

The new vice principal, Phuba Wangdi who was shocked by the toilets, took it up as his first initiative to change that and got in touch with us. The first important step is to recognize the problem. He did it in his first week at RAPA.

Lop Jamtsho and his 7 boys were so excited to get their toilet changed over the weekend that they have prepared the materials even before we arrived. They put their hearts in it because it’s their toilet and they are grateful we are doing it for them.

The boys were mischievously saying that they won’t let the day scholars use their new toilets anymore, to which we pressed why toilet should NOT be locked. It’s the cheapest of a miser who can’t even share a toilet. They agreed to take the challenge to share their toilet and still keep them clean.

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