Title: Yalama Apa

Language: Dzongkha and English
ISBN: 9789998085602
Story: Chablop PaSsu
Illustration: Yellow Box Animation
Design and Layout: iBEST STUDIOS
Script and Translation: Nawang Phuntsho

Dzongkha Script Review: Dzongkha Development Commission
Printed at: United Printing Press, Thimphu

Bhutan Toilet Org’s animation video is published in a form of a book to target primary school children with a firm believe that to make an immediate and lasting impact with our sanitation and hygiene campaigns we must target the children, because not only are the children our immediate future but also, they are the soft spots in our demography through which we could influence the whole family and eventually the society at large. 

It’s aimed at building basic toilet etiquettes like flushing, using toilet paper or water, and keeping the toilet clean for the next user to bring about significant change in the condition of our toilets and therefore the impact on the public health. In connection to toilet usage, the book also touches on the importance of handwashing with soap after going to toilet in preventing spread of diseases.

When a child in the family has the above knowledge then they have the tendency of innocently and persuasively imposing their knowledge on the rest of the family members. And with the book in the hands of every primary school children we see a huge potential of influencing positive habits among the general population. 

The book is a joint effort of Bhutan WASH Cluster to create awareness on proper and responsible usage of toilets, and it’s guided by Resolution 13 from 2ndBWASH Cluster Meeting. 

The publication is supported by UNICEF and implemented by Bhutan Toilet Org in collaboration with Bhutan WASH Cluster.

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