Annual Report 2023

Autumn Newsletter

Why are Bhutanese Toilet So Dirty?

This video explores the depth of our social and cultural landscape to have a closer look at the causes of dirty toilets in the country. We all love a clean toilet but collectively we don’t work toward getting it. Why? We want the messages in this video to reach everyone who could make a difference. […]

How to Identify Aqua-Privy (AP)Toilet in Schools

This video is created for DEOs, Principals and School Health Coordinators to let them identify AP toilets correctly and collect quality data on school toilets. This is a part of the School Toilet Project.

Toilet Etiquettes for Bhutanese Men

Even the most educated Bhutanese men have proven that they don’t know how to pee. So this is a basic peeing lesson for Bhutanese men. For women, it’s in your best interest to share and reach out to every man or boy who share toilets with you so that you have better toilets.

Portable Toilet Management Guide

So far we have been travelling with our portable toilets because we were worried about them being mishandled. However at this time when all our portable toilets are distributed across the country for counter #COVID19 efforts and when we cannot move as freely, we want this video to go around to those who are operating […]

Portable Urinal For Men

Did you know?We have portable urinal for men. This is the best option for men’s games like Archery, Khuru, etc.

Bedside Toilet User Guide

When you are confined in your room (to your bed) due to illness, disability or old age, the most difficult and heartbreaking part is the struggle to get to the toilet. Soiling your bed and clothes or using diapers that others have to change take away your will to live. We introduced the bedside toilet […]

How to Build an Event toilet Using SATO Pan

1. Dig a trench 2. Lay a set of strong batons over the trench 3. Use 12mm or thicker waterproof board as floor 4. Trace and cut our holes on the board to install SATO Pan. 5. Use local materials to build the body for the toilet.

A Quick Guide to SATO toilet pan installation

While we are committed to giving out SATO pans to all the duty stations across the country, we would like to request the Dzongkhag coordinators to initiate and ask for total units required for the whole Dzongkhag, rather than each station asking for their own checkpoints. Following video tutorial is to guide you once you […]

Yalama Apa

Title: Yalama Apa Language: Dzongkha and English ISBN: 9789998085602 Story: Chablop PaSsu Illustration: Yellow Box Animation Design and Layout: iBEST STUDIOS Script and Translation: Nawang Phuntsho Dzongkha Script Review: Dzongkha Development Commission Printed at: United Printing Press, Thimphu Bhutan Toilet Org’s animation video is published in a form of a book to target primary school […]