Handwash Barrel

Bhutan Toilet Organization has designeda hand wash station by reusing oil barrels which has the capabilities to address the pressing issues faced by schools due to lack of adequate infrastructure. The simple solution was created by our staff as part of UNICEF WASH Innovation Challenge 2017, where we received the highest Recommendation from the jury. […]

Event Toilet Management

Managing toilet facilities during the public events was one of the first initiatives we took since 2016. initially we went to events with our volunteers and helped clean the existing toilets at the event venues. It was from these experiences that we learned the general lack of adequate toilet facilities for the masses. We then […]

Camping Toilets

Our country is considered one of the most exotic tourist destinations in the world and we have a farsighted policy governing tourism; towards low volume, high value. To deliver high value we must pay attention to the details. Understanding the various problems faced by Bhutanese tour operators in providing adequate toilet facilities to their guests […]

School Toilet Up-gradation Project

Pit latrines are unhygienic and not at all suitable in schools. The foul odour and filthy sight discourage children from using the toilet and developing good toilet etiquette. The open pits are favourable breeding grounds of flies and mosquitoes that leads to spread of diseases in the community. Therefore, eliminating pit toilets and upgrading them […]


There are many people who are confined to their rooms and on their beds due to disability, illness, accident or old age. With limited mobility, they face difficulty in carrying out basic activities, among which the most difficult being going to toilet. The inability to independently manage their toilet routine becomes the problem for the […]

What is a Bedside Toilet?

The bedside toilet is a small sturdy portable toilet with a very simple system that is very convenient and easy to operate. It has a fresh water tank connected with flushing system, and a manual valve helps in letting wastewater flow down into the tank and stop the back flow of smell. it can be […]

Portable Toilet Service

There are hundreds of public events organized each year across the country and most of the event venues do not have adequate toilet facilities to cater to the huge numbers of people. it is observed that the toilet facilities did not receive much attention earlier but with the revolution we started, there is an increasing […]

Highway Toilet

To stop open defecation, BTO have collaborated with TCB and BOB in constructing highway toilets in Bhutan. Good roadside amenities is an indicator of progress and development of a nation. Highway restroom along with tea stall and other basic facilities contribute to ambience of highway, convenience to travelers and most importantly to road safety. Highway […]